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Goliath's Plant Protein is an Australian Made plant based protein powder. Goliath's has sourced premium ingredients and uses European Golden Peas and the highest grade fermented brown rice protein available. Goliath's Plant Protein is 85% protein, is low in carbohydrates and easy to digest. Goliath's Plant Protein has been super charged with all the essential amino acids and branched chain amino acids that your body needs to recover or supplement your diet. Goliath's Plant Protein is the best plant based supplement for those who lead healthy lifestyles and are looking for a non dairy option to supplement their diet and training.

Premium European Golden Peas

The Golden Pea is allergen free and completely natural. The Goliath's plant protein is very high in protein and low in carbohydrates as well as being low calorie. The protein and added branched chain amino acids will allow you to recover faster from workouts so you can get back into the gym sooner.

Key Features

All natural with no artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors
Made in Australia
Tastes Incredible!!
Highest grade pea protein and brown rice protein available
28g of protein per serve
Perfect for smoothies, post workout shakes or a delicious addition to a healthy lifestyle.
Low In carbohydrates and calories
Easy to digest and won't leave you feeling bloated
Smooth and creamy taste, not overly sweet
Added branched chain amino acids to help you recover faster
Available in 4 flavors Chocolate, Vanilla, Honeycomb and Salted Caramel

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