About Us

Australian Dairy

Australian Dairy is the envy of the world. We proudly rank number 1 in trusted dairy industries across the globe because Australian Dairy can be trusted. Australia has the toughest regulations and strictest quality control measures more so than anywhere else on the planet which is why our Goliath's Whey range only uses trusted Australian Dairy from Australia's leading manufacturer.

We can ensure a safe, premium grade product to our customer as well as every single run of Goliath's whey protein being batch tested as we want to exceed your expectations as an Australian brand and company.

Trust Australian,Trust Goliath's Protein.  

The Company

Goliaths Protein is a sports/health nutrition company based out of Melbourne, Australia. It was established in 1995 and originally called Goliaths Revenge, later to be re branded as Goliaths and now Goliaths Protein. Although the name may have changed Goliaths continues to operate with the same philosophy as the original.  

The Team

All of Goliath's athletes and ambassadors were long time users of the brand long before they achieved their roles. We strictly only use athletes who are GENUINE users and believers in the brand so you can trust there not plugging it for money but because they use it and love it.    

Our Philosophy

After seeing so many companies fail on label claims, use amino spiking and fail on quality we wanted a product range that would stand above the greed of others. Our Goliath's range is 100% true to label and we would encourage anyone to test our range. We are not about making money we are about making high quality products that we personally use in our own training and lives.