Advanced Meal Replacement Weight Loss Stack

Goliath's Protein

If you are at the start of your health and fitness journey and want a safe, effective weight loss stack to kick start your training and fat loss then this is for you.

Our Premium Australian whey meal replacement in combination with our weight loss supplement Super Slim will get your metabolism burning, energy levels high and appetite under control. 

Using a trusted Australian brand is a smart choice for supplementation. We are here to help you take the first steps to a happier and healthier you.    

The Vegan Weight Loss Stack Includes;

1 x Super Slim 250ml (50 srvs) or (100 srvs)

Key Benefits

  • increase energy and mental focus
  • increase metabolic rate 
  • decreased appetite and cravings
  • no nasty crash or jitters
  • increase fat burning
  • reduces bloating

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1 x Whey Protein 908g (22 serves) or 2.2kg (56 serves)

Key Benefits

  • Easier on the stomach no gas or bloating 
  • Tastes amazing, similar to milkshake flavors 
  • No chemical taste or nasty after taste
  • Made from 100% Australian Dairy 
  • Smooth tasting and filling
  • Muscle sparing with 30g of protein per serve
  • Less than 2g of carbohydrates

1 x Acetyl L-Carnitine 250g

Key Benefits

  • increased metabolic rate
  • increased focus
  • increased energy


Directions for use;

Super Slim - one full cap in water in the morning before breakfast

Acetyl L- Carnitine - Half a tea spoon with your Super Slim in the morning, a second dosage can be taken before training. If you train in the morning, save your second dose until lunch time.

Both Wheys - we recommend using this once or twice per day to replace a meal or use as a snack. Mix two scoops with 400-500ml of water or add to a smoothie with fresh fruit and almond milk. 

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Type: Fat Burner

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