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Goliath's Reformation BCAA 800g

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Goliath's Reformation BCAA has been designed to maximize your training, recovery and growth by optimizing energy with enhanced ATP production and muscle protein synthesis. Sound complicated? What this means is the formula helps reduce fatigue and lactic acid, reduces cortisol and muscle breakdown. We recommend that you have have one serving immediately before training and also one serving whilst you are training for the best results. So if you are pulling up sore or would like use something while you're training to help improve recovery Reformation could be for you. BCAA's also have the ability to help balance out blood sugar levels. So if your craving something sweet or you would like to prevent yourself craving, sipping on BCAA's can help to reduce the likelyhood of reaching for a quick fix. This product can be used by both male or females in conjunction with a exercise program, or in conjuntion with a healthy diet. 



Each flavor is different, how ever, the one thing that remains consistant is that they are not overly sweet which makes them a lot easier to drink through training and throughout the day. They have a nice smooth flavor which would resemble diet cordiol. We have found that people who like to drink their BCAA's want something that doesn't make them feel the need to brush their teeth afterwards. Whichever flavor you choose you will not be disapointed. Why not try adding your BCAA's to some Greek yogurt and giving it an amazing flavor!  



Goliath's uses Ajinomoto BCAA's (Ajipure) that are produced using a unique production technmology that sets it apart from any competative powder. It allows the BCAA's to disolve faster in water and thus becoming available to the body more rapidly. Goliath's only uses 100% non animal origin ingredients and is 99-100% pure. Goliath's not only cares about your health and well being, but we also care about animals and their well being. We won't skimp on quality ingredients to make a quick buck! 

Servings 60 13.33g per serve
L-Leucine 5812mg
L-Isoleucine 1453mg
L-Valine 1453mg
L-Glutamine 2500mg
L-Citrulline DL - Malate 1000mg
Vitamin B6 2mg



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